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About the Artist

“Viviana’s visually stunning artwork immediately captures one’s eye. Her contemporary sculptures created from glass, bronze and other sources are brought to life with an infusion of organic materials. It is the organic matter that situates Viviana’s artwork in the realm of alchemy. This is appropriate as her grandmother was a curandera, a healer who used indigenous herbs to cure ailments of the body and soul. Viviana continues her grandmother’s tradition of healing by creating artwork that explores the sacred space of ancestral memory, culture, and linguistic history”.

Anjee Helstrup-Alvarez
Executive Director
Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana/MACLA

“Historically, the Bay Area has been the at forefront of diverse political and social movements…growing up in an environment that fostered a rich counterculture helped formulate my Chicana/Pocha perspective”. – Viviana Paredes

Viviana Paredes, is a Bay Area native, born and raised in San José, California. Viviana is a graduate of California College of the Arts in 2001 with an emphasis in sculpture. Influenced by her grandmother Petra, a native of Chihuahua, México, Viviana was initiated into the ancient tradition of medicinal plants and curanderismo (the tradition of healing physical and spiritual health through the use of medicinal plants). In her work, we can observe the delicate interrelationships of our natural world and the disconnections modern society has to nature. Viviana’s work comes from a deep sense of belonging to something greater than the self. Mixed media sculptures and installations are Viviana’s dialogue, through the art making process natural materials are transformed into conversations involving the artwork and viewer.

Viviana's art has been included in group exhibitions throughout the U.S. and México.  In 2007, Viviana’s seminal series My Pocha Tongues was collected by the Don Julio Tequila Company. The collection, Nuevo Arte, Colección Tequila Don Julio, debuted in New York City and featured works by some of today’s most innovative contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American artists. In Texcoco, México, Viviana’s work was part of the 2008 Chapingo Biennial, 1er Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Bienal Chapingo: “Arts with Roots in the Earth”. In 2010, Viviana's art will be featured as part of an exhibition series at the Triton Museum of Santa Clara called Bay Area Chicana. The group series: “Xicana: Spiritual Reflections/Relexíones Espiritúales” is the debuting exhibition.


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